Virtus Training

Parents are the primary educators of their children in matters of faith. When parents entrust their child to the Church for any of a variety of children’s programs, we take that responsibility very seriously. We realize that the nurturing and protection of these impressionable young people is of paramount importance.

St. Mary Parish has established a Parish Policy for the Safety & Protection of Children, which describes the responsibilities of the Parish and Employees, as well as the responsibilities of Parents and Adult Volunteers. This document complements the Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse: Revised, 2007 from the Cleveland Catholic Diocese.

Volunteers and employees who work or volunteer with children “more than (4) hours a month or who work(s) with children more frequently than once a month” * are required to complete Virtus Training. New volunteers working with children are to complete an Application for Volunteers.

Instructions: How to register for a Virtus class

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Standards of Conduct for Ministry

Any questions? Please contact the Parish Virtus Coordinator 440.286.1968.

  • It does not include the occasional volunteer, such as a driver or chaperone for individual activities.” (pg. 24 of the Diocesan Policy)